Steve Olson (USA, b. 1961) is a painter, sculptor and assemblage artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. Born in Long Beach, California, Olson earned an early reputation as one of the all time great skateboarders and introduced his punk-rock ethos to the skating subculture. His use of full board graphics (and iconic Santa Cruz Checkerboard model) launched aesthetic trends that remade the sport and influenced fashion, design, and art. In 2000, he began regularly exhibiting assemblages at galleries in New York and Los Angeles. He created a “performance painting” with his son, skateboarder/artist Alex Olson at the 54th Venice Biennale (2011) as a part of the “Venice In Venice,” an exhibition that included icons of the California Light and Space Movement. Olson has also been included in shows at the Museum Of Design Atlanta (2012); Nyehaus, New York (2010); and Known Gallery, Los Angeles (2012-2015). He received several commissions for public sculptures, including an upcoming bronze installation for the City of Houston (2018). Currently, he is working on an ongoing series of abstract paintings.